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Unique Diy Wedding Card Box

Unique Diy Wedding Card Box

16 Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Card Box. Collect all of your guests' well-wishes and monetary gifts in a specially designated container for safe keeping and .
And we've compiled a wonderful list of 18 DIY wedding card boxes for your guests to slip their congrats to you … right into! Vintage Suitcase. Grab a vintage suitcase and dress it up a bit to hold your wedding day cards. Mailbox. Hat Boxes. Recipe Box. Bedazzled Box. Wooden Log. Globe. Simple Baskets.
Our Wedding Card BoxDIY – Wood Burned – Espresso Stained Crate. Rustic wedding ideas – card box, personalized card box, wine crate, LaBelle Winery.
Step-by-step instructions on how to make your own wedding card box. DIY. Some of you know I DIY ed the crap out of my June, 2011 wedding.. Similar ideas.
Wedding reception card box Carleton Churchill Photography photo by. Repurpose, decorate or accessorize these 18 creative card box ideas for your reception. 1. A Vintage Suitcase. . A DIY Boombox Basket. Wedding .
This DIY wedding card box took me less than an hour to make. how to make wedding card. . Any ideas for how to smooth out the slot? Reply. .

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